1728 to 1995


Preface from Mitchell Memories

    When this work was started, I sought to learn about my ancestors.  My father knew almost nothing about his grandparents.  He was not sure of their place of birth, where they lived before moving to Arkansas, when or where they died, or their nationality.  I soon found far more data than I expected.  Some was factual, some legendary.  I also found many relatives, some closely related and others more distantly, who were interested in family research.  They have ably assisted me.  This family history was compiled and written by Mitchells and Mitchell descendants.

    From the data now available, I am including those facts and legends that I consider most valuable and interesting to present and future generations.  Some of these facts, like dates, are uninspiring, but should be kept for posterity.
    We have been collecting and compiling data for over fifteen years.  This is the result of our efforts.  We are sure there will be errors, especially in dates.  We urgently request that you inform us of errors in names and dates, and any other data deemed pertinent, especially to further research.

    In preparing this book, many persons have helped by submitting data.  It is impossible to name all the contributors but I want to thank them for their aid and emphasize that without such aid, I would have failed.
    There are several people whose assistance has been most outstanding.  My thanks to them will be listed under the heading, Acknowledgments, found on page vi and vii.

Emma Mitchell Montgomery

    This Book contains the decedents of
William Mitchell, SR.,
William Mitchell, JR.,
Abigail (Wheeler) Mitchell,
Their Descendents




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